Finding the unique Scottish customs and traditions
in Scottish Customs and Traditions

Finding the unique Scottish customs and traditions

Scotland is a famous country in United Kingdom and the country had rich history of the unique traditions and customs. Everyone can able to have the real thrill of the highland games, musical & mysterious traditions, the patriotic national dress, romantic traditions and musical traditions. There are several reasons available to discover the notable customs and traditions in this beautiful country.

Various traditions in Scotland:

  • Highland games – Highland games are one of the greatest sporting traditions in Scotland. You can see this amazing Scottish custom between May & September across the country at over the eighty various events. You can have the various things from the heavy contests such as tug-o-war, hammer throw, caber toss to the field events including the cycling competition and a hill race. In the scottish celebrations, these highland games play a vital role at all the times.
Highland games
  • Haggis Hurling – In these modern days, the new tradition of haggis hurling has developed popularly in Scotland. Instead of eating it, it can be thrown as far as possibly as stood atop the whisky barrel. It has still become a professional sport and there are so many numbers of strict rules to which the competitors should need to remain to qualify for playing this game. For this game, the haggis should be traditionally made and is probably judged on the basis of the accuracy and distance of the hurl. When considering the skin of the haggis, it should remain intact and be fit for eating after landing.
  • Tartan& Kilts – The Scottish kilts are one of the famous scotland traditions and it is also known as the national dress of scotland. It usually has the deep historical and cultural roots and they are completely scared symbol of the honor and patriotism for the real Scotsman.
  • Bagpipes – Your Scotland trip will not be complete without hearing the traditional Scottish music which will provide the most iconic sound. The bagpipe is the national and traditional instrument of Scotland. Actually this wind instrument is originated from the Middle East region but it has been spreaded even in Europe and also the different regions of Scotland. This instrument has been providing the most beautiful sound and it has been the outstanding part of the Scottish culture keeping the pipes always active as the part of this musical tradition.
  • Hogmanay – Hogmanay is the most significant part of the calendar in Scotland happening on the Eve of New Year. According to the old Hogmanay traditions, there are some of the unique customs which have been carried out via the current generations and also remaining part of the today’s celebration.
  • Burns Night – On 25th January, the annual celebration of the Burns Night will be celebrated to honor the life and works of the bard Robert Burns who is the Scottish author of several famous Scots poems.

At the same time, there are several more options of the scottish holidays and traditions available such as the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Gretna Green, The Loch Ness Monster and more.