Buffalo House

Written by growcooklove@gmail.com

Starting Tuesday 10 October, we will be setting up camp in the Last Word Saloon‘s kitchen with a simple but delicious AF menu.  Inspired by our recent travels to America, Buffalo House is the embodiment of authentic barbecue done right, while using Scottish ingredients, of course.

It all centers around low ‘n slow smoked brisket from the Buffalo Farm in Kirkcaldy.  They are Scotland’s only smoker of buffalo meat brisket and they do it onsite in a funky locomotive smoker.  We complement the melt-in-your-mouth meaty bits with a Buffalo Trace barbecue sauce made in-house and our signature crunchy slaw.

The other items on offer are what you would expect from a traditional American bbq: baked beans (cooked in Alechemy‘s Smoke in Your Rye beer), gravy fries, corn on the cob and a boilermaker pecan pie, plus a vegetarian option of our smoky slider with pulled jackfruit.

Pop in to the Last Word any week this winter from 530-10pm and enjoy a smoky cocktail to compliment your barbecue buffalo.

All food photography by Photographise


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