Oktoberfest Collaborations

Written by growcooklove@gmail.com

After two successful festival appearances, we are back in Tweedbank for Tempest Brewery‘s 2017 Oktoberfest. And we are taking our menu to the next level! Last year’s German theme was such a hit that we’ve decided to do it again. Plus, we are collaborating with fellow vendors and the brewery itself to add maximum flavor to each dish.  Read on for the full menu, but be warned that you may find yourself suddenly famished.

Our first dish is an Oktoberfest classic: the Currywurst.  We will be cooking bratwurst sausages (from none other than the award winning Buffalo Farm) in Tempest’s Unforgiven Red Rye until they are extra juicy and bursting with that smoky rye flavour, THEN we’re gonna slather it in homemade curry ketchup. Hungry yet?

A brand new dish to the FreshRev menu, pork schnitzel will be making its debut. Paired with fennel slaw and apple sauce, this dish screams Autumn and, oddly enough, begs to be enjoyed with a gin and tonic.  That’s right, we’re advising gin at a beer festival. Electric Spirit Co. Achroous Gin’s key botanicals, sichuan peppercorn and fennel, are the prefect compliment to our schnitzel.

Next up is a Veggie Haggis Kaiser.  We’re fusing the German menu theme with Scotland’s signature (vegetarian) ingredient; combine FreshRev sauerkraut and Macsween Veggie Haggis and you’ve got one tasty AF sandwich.  We insist you wash the kaiser roll down with a Tasty Buns Bakery In the Dark We Live Dark Fruits Chocolate Truffle- a mouthful in more ways than one.

The last dish on our Oktoberfest menu is Hot Kartoffeln (aka hot potato). Throw some fried onions and bacon into the mix and you’ve got a truly indulgent festival treat. We’ll have Bonnie Burrito hot sauces on hand to add more heat to those kartoffeln. We recommend a hit of Scotch Bonnet to spice things up or their Habanero and Lime for super fresh kick.

Don’t miss out on this special one-off German extravaganza at Oktoberfest on 30 September!

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