Springfest’s Max Flavour Potential

Written by growcooklove@gmail.com
After the roaring success of Oktoberfest at Tempest Brewing Co. last Autumn, it’s no surprise that the Spring beer festival at their brewery in Tweedbank has sold out.
For those lucky enough to grab tickets to Springfest on 29 April, here are some of the tasty delights we will have on offer.
Nothing goes together better than beer and street food, but to reach maximum flavour potential, we recommend the following pairings:
Po’ Boy and Unforgiven Red Rye: the spice and smoke in the Rye compliments the moreish flavour created by cooking beef low and slow; plus the beer’s intense flavours are strong enough to hold their own amongst the rich gravy of the po’ boy.
Veggie Haggis Arancini and Harvest IPA: with the earthy, funky notes of a saison and fruity, piney notes from the hops, this refreshing beer pairs perfectly with the pulses, oats, seeds and spices of the veggie haggis.
Butter Chicken and Long White Cloud: the light malt, tropical fruits, and citrus notes in Tempest’s flagship pale ale mirror the fresh and zesty flavours present in our traditional Punjabi curry.
Mac ‘n Cheese Balls and Marmalade on Rye: the bittersweet, sticky orange and spicy ginger taste of this beer cuts right through the creamy fried cheesey goodness.  Warning: this combo is going cause intense pleasure for your taste buds all day at Springfest.
We will be joined at the event by our friends Over Langshaw Ice Cream, Tasty Buns Bakery, Brew Lab Coffee. the Big Blu Pizza and the Grind Newcastle burgers. Plus, Tempest is doing some tasty AF beer collaborations with fellow Scottish breweries (Cromarty, Fallen and Pilot) that we can’t wait to try!

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