Special Shout Out to our Local Suppliers

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IMG_8868Craigie’s Farm Shop and Cafe
Owned by John and Kirsteen Sinclair
South Queensferry

We absolutely relish our visits to Craigie’s! Only 15 minutes from FreshRev HQ, the farm offers a sanctuary from city life. Its 260 arable acres boasts soft fruits, vegetables, wheat, chickens who enjoy listening to the radio, sheep, and a drove of swine often being fed by visiting kids and their parents. Many of their crops are grown in polytunnels to keep them protected from the harsh Scottish elements and pollinated by bees whose honey can be found for sale in the shop. As generation farmers, the Sinclair’s are committed to farming with nature and encouraging a sustainable future.

The family has farmed the area since 1892, with its current operations boasting a busy cafe and farm shop. They encourage people to walk around the farm, ‘pick your own’ produce and organise educational activities specifically to get kids interested in farm life and eating locally. Find out more info on their website: http://www.craigies.co.uk/

Know Your Grower and Eat Local!

mr eion

Mr. Eion: Coffee Roaster

Owned by Eion Henderson
Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Anyone who has visited Mr Eion’s shop in Stockbridge will be familiar with his friendly and knowledgable service – and iconic moustache. As you approach the shop, the smell of fresh coffee is the first thing to greet you thanks to the constant roasting of green beans that is done on site. The store is filled with dozens of hessian bags of beans from different ethical and sustainable suppliers in Africa, South America and Asia. He is also involved with projects linking individual small farmers with small roasters.

eion shop

Eion’s dedication to quality is what drew us to using him as a supplier. He creates unique roast profiles for each coffee in order to bring out its full potential. We proudly serve our own special Fresh Revolution blend made specifically for our filter coffee maker in the food truck.

Smashin’ Eggs
Owned by Michael Scott

Mike offers convenience in the form of free delivery of the freshest eggs right to your doorstep. Choose from medium or large free-range eggs, delivered 2 days after being laid by the happiest hens or go the highest standard, organic route. The hens live in smaller flocks, meaning healthier and less stressed birds who spend their days roaming and foraging in the Scottish borders.

Smashin’ Eggs is extremely sustainable, sourcing all eggs from a 20-mile radius and even their packaging is reusable and recyclable. Get this delicious, protein-packed food at an ‘eggs’ellent price straight to your door with only 48-hours notice. Visit http://www.smashin-eggs.co.uk for more info.

The Buffalo Farm
Owned by Steven Mitchell
Kirkcaldy, Fife

Revolutionary Buffalo Burger

We love using Steve’s Water Buffalo for so many reasons. They have not been subjected to generations of modern intensive farmers practices, making their rearing more sustainable than cattle; the meat contains half the fat of conventional lean beef, while maintaining all of the flavour; it’s higher in mineral content AND significantly lower in cholesterol. We also source pork, lamb, poultry, wild boar and seasonal game from Steven when our menu calls for it.

Check out the full range of the Buffalo Farm’s offerings on their website http://www.thebuffalofarm.co.uk/ or pay their stall a visit after eating with FreshRev at Edinburgh Farmers’ Market on Saturdays.

Support Local and Small Businesses!

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