Kitchen Takeovers!

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skylark menu
skylark menu

We’ve been popping up in kitchens around Edinburgh recently. Being in a fully functional kitchens allows us to expand our menu and be a bit more experimental than we can be in the truck.  We also get to spend more one-on-one time with our cliental as we get them for a whole meal, instead of for the time it takes to make one dish on the street.  Plus, it’s an excuse to order all the cakes from Tasty Buns Bakery.

band boys
the boys of the band

The pop up at the Skylark in Portabello was a multi-sensory experience with delicious street food, chill tunes played by some friends of FreshRev and the launch of Bellfield Brewery‘s #gf Lawless Village IPA on draught.  We didn’t want to the night to end; the vibe was relaxing and electric at the same time, and everyone was in great spirits.

skylark cakes
selection of tasty buns bakery cakes

Luckily, we’re back in a kitchen at the Mash Tun on Easter Road this Sunday, 17 July. There’ll be a delectable menu of street food (see below), our friends at Stewart Brewing will be taking over the taps and Lewis Kaye will be providing the soundtrack for a great day.  Don’t miss out!

Mash Tun MenuKeep your eye on social media for a big announcement about our pop up during the Fringe Festival!

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