Stobiefest: The Wedding of Phil and Angie

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angie and phil weddingAs a husband and wife team, we love food and we love love.  There is nothing better than being part of a festive and joyous event celebrating such love.  Angie and Phil’s big night embodied this.  Having been a couple for years, with three beautiful children to show for it, they decided to make it legal and invited us to cater the event at the Musselburgh Rugby Club.  It was a fabulous party, smiles were abundant and a good time was had by all.

To prepare, we ordered an entire pork shoulder from Puddledub Pork, chicken from Bower’s Butcher and Linda Dick, our favourite hot dog sausages from Crombies Butcher, and a whole lotta beetroot and potatoes from Phantassie Farm.  As much as Chef Ronan loves spuds, after 8 hours of hand cutting, washing and frying up 50 kilo of potatoes, he was ready to throw in the tattie.  The work was worth it, though, to see happy faces – especially for something as pervasive as chips.

While the menu was simple, the flavours were powerful and there was something for everyone:

wedding menuSpicy Butter Chicken – chunky chicken topped with tomato and coriander salsa, served with a toasted flatbread

BBQ Pulled Pork Roll – tender pork with homemade applesauce and seasonal slaw

Beetroot Burger – shredded beetroot, leek and blue cheese with mixed leaves and seasonal slaw

Skinny Fries – topped with infamous Kiwi Dip

Hot Dogsmeant for the wee ones, but a few adults were caught ordering these

Thinking of street food for your wedding? Contact us! We look forward to spreading the love of FreshRev!

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