Festival Complete!

Written by growcooklove@gmail.com

george streetFreshRev’s first Edinburgh Fringe Festival was fun, full-on and successful. We met lots of nice and friendly people, both tourists and locals alike, who passed by our pitch on George Street.  Behind the scenes, we were worked off our feet: there were visits to Craigies Farm for fresh produce multiple times a week; hurried run-throughs at the Castle Terrace and Stockbridge Farmers Markets to procure berries and veggies from East Coast Organics, Phantassie Farm, Oxenfoord Organics, Tay Valley Fruits, and Ridley’s Fish and Game; mid-day deliveries from The Buffalo Farm, Mr. Eion’s Coffee Roaster, Smashin’ Eggs, Tasty Buns Bakery and Peelham Farm; and emergency stops to George Bowers Butcher, Crombies Butcher, and Real Foods.  Here is one example of the resulting menu:

buffalo pita

Buffalo Meat Pita – slow-cooked buffalo, seasonal slaw, tomato chutney and homemade aioli

Fresh Frittata – beetroot, squash and smokey Barwhey cheddar

irish pakora
irish pakora

Soup – spiced carrot and courgette

Irish Pakora – fried potato balls loaded with spices, bacon and onion

Fruit Smoothie – Scottish strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, yoghurt, honey and bananas

Potato Salad – spuds, spring onions and tangy mayo

tasty bunsCaesar Salad – mixed leaves, croutons, parmesan cheese and homemade dressing with the choice to add bacon

Cake – a daily selection from Tasty Buns Bakery

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